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Figure 1. S. etonia leaf detail


Common Names:

Miami Palmetto

Distribution & Habitat:

It was endemic to the Miami pinelands, and coastal inlets of Florida from Port Everglades to Coconut Grove (Broward and Dade Counties), but this area is now all urbanized, so it is probably extinct in habitat.


It is a dwarf fan-leaf palm with an acaulescent stem and a compact crown of yellow-green, costapalmate leaves which give the impression of praying hands. It has large (up to 19mm in diamater), black fruits with large (11mm diamater) seeds.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Prefers a sandy soil.

Figure 2. S. etonia

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Christian Faulkner,
Faulkner's Palms (Figure 1&2)

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