Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Interior

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Figure 1. Coconut Palm
Figure 2. Same coconut, different view.
Figure 3. Veitchia winin
Figure 4. Latania verschaffeltii and banana
Figure 5. Pritchardia hillebrandii
Figure 6. From the gallery looking across the canopy of palms.Gaussia maya in left foreground, Attalea sp'.' in centre and Caryota rumphiana on right.
Figure 7. Encephalartos altensteinii planted in a pot at Kew in 1775.
Figure 8. A nice jungle feel.
Figure 9.
Figure 10. Another view of the E. altensteinii with Pritchardia hildebrandii behind.
Figure 11. A very nice Ravenala madagascariensis.
Figure 12.
Figure 13. The trunk on the left is Roystonea oleracea now cut down because it went through the roof, in the centre Ptychosperma gracile and behind, Caryota rumphiana.
Figure 14. Dypsis decaryi
Figure 15. People
Figure 16. Palm leaves :)

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