Ravenea xerophila

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Figure 1. Two plants of R. xerophila.




Common Names:



Dry, open forest of south Madagascar.


A medium to large palm to about 8m tall, with gracefully arching leaves to about 3m long, with very narrow leaflets.


This plant develops a very vigorous root system of fleshy white roots, wher it stores up water for dry times.


Full sun, and very well drained. Does seem to be able to take quite a lot of water, as long as the drainage is good. Quite a slow grower.

Notice the roots already starting to come out of the bottom of the pot.

Figure 2. Looking into the crown of a mature plant.
Figure 3. R. xerophila in habitat, Madagascar.

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Mike Gray (Figure 1)
Gunter Gottlebe (Figure 2)
Rolf Kyburz,
(Figure 3 - from Palms&Cycads No. 70)

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