Pinanga veitchii

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Figure 1. P. veitchii old and young stems together.



Borneo rainforest.


A small, clumping palm to about 1.5m tall, with thick, leathery, deeply notched, entire leaves. When young (and close to the ground) these leaves are spectacularly mottled in browns and purples, and blend in extraordinarily well with their surroundings (leaf litter). As the plants get taller (i.e. grow away from the ground), this mottling decreases, and tall plants have plain green leaves.


Warm, sheltered and moist. Strictly tropical in its requirements, very slow growing, and renowned as a difficult plant.

Figure 2. P. veitchii, young plant.
Figure 3. P. veitchii showing the purple underside of the leaf.

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