Pinanga insignis

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Figure 1. P. insignis seedling.


Common Names:

Pinang Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Naturally found throughout the open forest of the Philippines.


The tallest species in the Pinanga family, this solitary palm can grow to heights over 30 feet (10 metres) tall. The trunk is a glossy dark green with light brown leaf scares, leading up to the bright purple crownshaft. The purple crown and the green trunk give this palm a nice color contrast. The crown consists of 6-10 long evenly arranged green pinnate leaves. The seeds turn bright red once ripe, adding even more color to this palm.


This palm enjoys a sunny, moist area where it can get a good helping of full sun during the day. It is a water lover, and should be watered regularly to insure it will not dry out. This palm is cold sensitive and should be kept in Zones 10-11 (Tropical/warm sub-tropical). Any temperatures under the mid 30"s F (3°C) will cause serious damage. Seedlings prefer a moist shady area where they will get watered every day.

Figure 2. P. insignis

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