Pinanga caesia

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Figure 1. P. caesia with a nice orange new leaf.


Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to rainforest on northern Sulawesi (Celebes), an Indonesian island.


A very attractive medium sized, solitary palm with a slender, ringed trunk, and a purple or orange crownshaft to about 3m. It has an upright crown of lightly arching leaves with drooping leaflets. The leaf undersides and rhachis has an unusual bluish/violet colour.


Requires moist but well drained soil with filtered sun in a tropical/warm subtropical climate. Can handle temperatures down to 1°C with little leaf damage but protection from cold winds is required.

Figure 2. P. caesia showing the orange crownshaft.
Figure 3. P. caesia at Flecker Botanic Gardens, Cairns.
Figure 4. P. caesia

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