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These are a couple of posting from late 2001 to the [[www.palms.orgpalmtalk" IPS PalmTalk message board about Parajubaea germination techniques which are very interesting, and hopefully usefull.

My best success with Parajubaea seed germination (over 90%) followed advice given to me where they grow in Ecuador. Let the seeds dry completely for a couple of months in a cool, dry place. Then plant on top of a loose, moist mix, under a 2-3 inch blanket of moist sphagnum in a place which is cool at night and warm in the day. This helps with oxygen exchange in and out of the seed coat, which breaks down natural growth inhibitors in the seed. These are present in nature to keep seeds from germinating during the dry season. I kept my seed in a large plastic container in my garage which had the right temperature range, about 55 - 80"F. Germination began in a few weeks. Every week or so I pulled off the sphagnum cover, took out the germinated seeds and planted them. They like a deep container, and the sprout grows down about 6 inches before the first leaf begins its growth from about halfway down the sprout. Give them sun and cool from the start and they are not really slow. Good luck!

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nonymous Hi, I hope this are good news for all Parajubaea freaks! August 2000 I got 10 fresh seeds of P. torallyi var. microcarpa from Thrinax in Germany. I kept them dry at room temperature until December 2000. Then, I soaked them for one week in water, potted them, and gave mild bottom heat (24&degC day, 16&degC night). In March 2001 only one seed had germinated, and the others were still "sleeping". So, I forgot about the other seeds, and soil and seeds completely dried out. In September 2001, I washed this seeds, soaked them for 1 week in water, and gave the same germination conditions as mentioned above. Within 10 days, all remaining seeds (9) started to germinate!!! I hope P. torallyi var. torallyii and P. sunkha (exactly treated as var. microcarpa) will germinate soon. From this experience I think this species needs two resting periods for germination. Did anybody also try to germinate this species? Christian


Hi, recently I have posted a message on this board concerning germination of Parajubaea torallyi var. microcarpa, and the germination success I had with 2 rest periods. This week, 9 of 10 seeds (treated the same way, and from the same source "Thrinax in Germany") of P. sunkha have germinated. I am still waiting for var. torallyi ( treated the same way, ...) to germinate: only 10% have germinated so far.

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Christian Gianinazii

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