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I am in Southern California and am in the process of growing large quantities of the various Parajubeas. I have noticed that they don't like greenhouse type growing conditions where it is too humid and hot together. Dampening off is at a higher rate then growing them in the great outdoors. They also attract a lot of spider mites in the greenhouse, no problem outside.

The P. torallyi grows much faster here than the P. cocoides. The P. torallyi also tolerates full hot sun on the emergent new leaf right when it sprouts from the soil. The P. cocoides shows some leaf bleaching with full sun at that early age.

All of the Parajubeas also seem to prefer very light, well draining soil. They are quite drought tolerant even as a seedling. On the large torallyi growing in my yard, I did have some mild cold spotting on the leaves this last winter(28 deg with frost), nothing of consequence though. It also never stops growing through the winter. The P. sunkha don't seem to need nearly as deep of a pot for germination. They send up their first leaf quite quickly . Sometimes with as little as 2-3" of root. This is quite the opposite of the P. torallyi which send down a long taproot. They are also very erratic in sprouting and slow.

Parajuea torallyi var. torallyi begins setting viable fruit at a fairly early age. If the palms are planted in the ground at an early age, they seem to be able to fruit in about 7-9 years.

That's my 2 cents!

Rob Orth

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