Neoveitchia storckii

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Figure 2. N. storckii


Distribution & Habitat:

Fijian rainforest.


A very attractive, solitary, robust, emergent, feather palm with a glossy, dark green to black crownshaft, and a heavy crown of leaves.


Once plentifull, this palm is now endangered, and the wild population is only just above 200 mature plants. Trunks are used as building supports.


Distinctly tropical in its requirements. Likes a lot of water.

Figure 1. N. storckii in Fiji
Figure 3. N. storckii
Figure 4. N. storckii inflorescence
Figure 5. N. storckii

Contributed by:

Rolf Kyburz,
(Figure 1 - from
Palms & Cycads No. 66, January-March 2000).
Lundkvist Palm Garden (Figure 2,3,4&5)

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