Nenga gajah

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Figure 1. E. gajah in Bogor Botanic Garden in Java Island, Indonesia.


Common Names:

The word "Gajah" means "Elephant" in Indonesian language.

Distribution & Habitat:

This is native to low-land of Jambi province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Found in shading area along river bank, it may needed plenty of water.


It's solitaire approx. 2-3m in height with lot of fiber covering its short trunk. Leaves are simple feather shape, about 1.5-2.0m long, with copper-color new leaf.


Shady, warm and moist.

Figure 2. N. gajah inflorescence.
Figure 3. N. gajah inflorescence.
Figure 4. N. gajah trunk.
Figure 5. N. gajah
Figure 6. N. gajah seed.

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