Macrozamia fraseri

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Figure 1. M. fraseri in habitat


Conservation Status:

Not threatened

Distribution & Habitat:

South-western Australia, from Enneabba south to Perth. Locally abundant but sparsely distributed, in shrub lands and heath, usually on deep sand.


A medium to large, robust arborescent or acaulescent cycad, trunk to 3m tall, and between 40-70cm in diameter. It has grey-green, semi-glossy leaves up to 2.7m long, moderately keeled leaves (i.e. where opposing leaflets inserted at 90-150"" on the rachis), densely woolly crowns and large cones.


Very uncommon in cultivation.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Prefers sandy soil. Comes from a strictly Mediterranean climate, with the rainfall (650-750mm) occurring during the winter months. Prefers full sun, and is quite cold tolerant.

Figure 2. M. fraseri
Figure 3. M. fraseri female cone showing wooly crown.
Figure 4. M. fraseri male cones
Figure 5. M. fraseri, large mature adult.

Contributed by:

Paul I Forster (Figure 1,2,3,4&5) (from Palms&Cycads No. 85).

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