Livistona exigua

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Figure 1. Looking into the heart of L. exigua


Common Names:


Conservation Status:

Unknown, but its distribution is very limited.

Distribution & Habitat:

An understory rainforest palm found near Ulu Ingei, Belait District, Brunei. It is found on gentle slopes, and ridges in the transitional area between lowland Dipterocarp forest and kerangas (heath forest) on sandstone at 60-260m altitude.


A small solitary fan palm to 5m tall, with 16-20 leaves in the crown. The petiole is 40-60cm long, the leaf is light green, up to 50cm across, with between 16-30 segments.


When this palm was initially collected it was thought to be a Licuala, and was left unmounted for several years. It was only on closer examination that it was discovered to be a new species of Livistona.


Unknown in cultivation at present.

Figure 2. L. exigua in habitat, Bukit Batu Datam,Ulu Ingei, Brunei.

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Dr. John Dransfield
(from Palms&Cycads No. 79&80)

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