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Figure 1. L. sp. 'Mapu' in habitat, Borneo.


Common Names:

L. mattenensis var 'Mapu'

Distribution & Habitat:

Rainforest in south-eastern Sarawak, Borneo.


An absolutely spectacular palm !!! Beautifully mottled leaves, up to about 300mm (12") across, on plants up to about 2.5m tall, although generally much less. Solitary trunk, and yellow, bananna shaped fruit.


Extremely highly sought after by collectors, it has until recently been very expensive, but the increased availability of seed has seen the price drop to more reasonable levels.


Warm, sheltered and moist. Will grow outside as far south as Brisbane, but does prefer a warmer climate.

Figure 2. L. sp. 'Mapu'
Figure 3. L. sp. 'Mapu' infructescence.
Figure 4. L. sp. 'Mapu' - Phillip looking up into a taller plant.

Contributed by:

Mike Gray (Text)
Phillip Arrowsmith (Figures 1,2,3&4).

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