Licuala petiolulata

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Figure 1. L. petiolulata leaf detail, showing the narrow base of the middle segment.


Distribution & Habitat:

Borneo rainforest. Very common and very widely spread.


A medium sized, solitary fan palm with circular leaves up to 1 metre in diameter and with numerous narrow segments. The bottom 10cm (@6 ins) of the middle segment narrows right down to about 5mm in diameter, so that it looks like an extension of the petiole, hence the name.


Warm, sheltered and moist.

Figure 2. L. petiolulata in habitat, Hose Mountains, Sarawak.
Figure 3. L. petiolulata in habitat, Hose Mountains, Sarawak.
Figure 4. L. petiolulata with infructescence, Kubah, Sarawak.
Figure 5. L. petiolulata infructescence.
Figure 6. L. petiolulata infructescence.
Figure 7. L. petiolulata leaves being collected for bedding,central Borneo.
Figure 8. L. petiolulata leaves being used for bedding,central Borneo.

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