Johannesteijsmannia magnifica

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Figure 2. J. magnifica in habitat, Malaysia.


Common Names:

Silver Joey

Distribution & Habitat:

Rainforest in southern Peninsular Malaya.


As the name suggests this is a magnificent plant, not just one of the finest palms, but also one of the most spectacular plants around. It is a trunkless palm, with enormous spear shaped, entire leaves up to 3 metres long, (the first metre of which is petiole) and up to 2 metres wide. The underside is covered in fine white hairs which give it a silvery appearance. These leaves arch over and leave any viewer with an unforgettable sight.


These palms are only just coming into general cultivation, but because of their spectacular appearance, are becoming extremely sought after. A mature specimen in the Flecker Gardens in Cairns has caused such an impression that these plants sell out almost as soon as they become available in North Queensland.


Warm (tropical / warm sub-tropical), sheltered, shady, and moist, but well drained. Keep out of the wind. Intensely dislikes root disturbance. Be very carefull when potting up or out.

Figure 1. J. magnifica
Figure 3. J. magnificashowing the spectacular undersides of the leaf.
Figure 4. A very large J. magnificaJeram Tai Park, Peninsular Malaya.

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