Hyphaene thebaica

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Figure 1. H. thebaica in habitat, north Africa.




Common Names:

Doum Palm,
Gingerbread Palm


Coastal north-eastern Africa


Open grasslands, and desert.


A very distinctive fan palm which is one of the few palms which branches.


The ancient Egyptians buried large numbers of this species fruits in the tombs of their pharaos.


Sunny, very well drained position. Can tolerate temperate clmates, but prefers it hot. It can tolerate lots of water as well, as long as the drainage is good (there is a very large Doum palm in the Singapore Botanic Gardens). Very drought tolerant.

When planting the seed, make sure to use a very deep pot, since the seed sends down a very long trap root, or "sinker".

Figure 2. H. thebaica
Figure 3. H. thebaica, Kameram, north Africa.

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