Hydriastele hydriastele

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Hydriastele wendlandiana

Florence Falls palm is being adopted as a common name for our shade loving Hydriastele. An Arecoid species with short flat leaves and uneven pinnae, two or three slender stems dominating each small clump.

Cultivation experience in Darwin

This palm has the frustrating habit of fruit- ing heaviest when access roads are im- passable in the wet season. Very fresh seed is needed, pre-soaked for a week before defleshing and planting in shallow trays, germinating is six to twelve months. Small bifid seedlings are slow growing and prone to slight irrelevant attacks of fungus. They do best in a humid atmosphere heavy shade and lightly fertilized. After approx- imately three years a 1m main stem with 2 or 3 basal suckers is ready to be planted in a sheltered position. Hydriastele can be moved if necessary, quite large specimens transplanting well. Cultivated and irrigated specimens fruit throughout the year.

Not as well known outside enthusiasts gardens as the Carpie, this species is gradually gaining acceptance as a moderately sized attractive palm for suburban gardens at the stage of "filling-in" beneath established plants. Only suitable indoors if protected from fans and breezes.

No. 20 July-Sept 1988 Alan White

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