Hydriastele boumae

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Figure 1. H. boumae young plant with slightly divided leaves.


Distribution & Habitat:

Fijian endemic. This palm is found as an emergent in elevations from 130 to 800 meters on Taveuni Island.


A tall palm seen up to 25 meters with a trunk of up to 30 cm and flaring at the base. It can hold about 20 fronds of 2.5 meters and strongly recurved. Juveniles of this species can maintain undivided and (more commonly) slightly divided leaves until they grow to 7 to 8 meters. Seeds are oval and 0.7 by 1.3 cm and green.


New to cultivation with seedlings requiring tropical/warm sub-tropical conditions, some filtered light and protection from strong winds.

Figure 2. H. boumae crown.
Figure 3. H. boumae in habitat.
Figure 4. H. boumae young plants.
Figure 5. H. boumae youing plants.

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