Historic Parajubaea torallyi

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Historic Parajubaea torallyi

Figure 1. Very old, very tall P. torallyi


A time ago (2000) I have taken this picture of this Parajubaea torallyi near Sucre city, Bolivia. The picture show the same 5 palms seen and described by the scientist Alcides D`Orbigny in 1832 and from where he got the leaves, fruits and drawings to Martius for his first scientific description of the species as Diplothemium torallyi. D`Orbigny said in his book that there was a veeeery tall palm in a hacienda (which just the ruins are there). Left near the very tall palm theres a tall trunk of a dead Trachycarpus fortuneii.

Question: How tall do you think is this palm? How old?

I think it has the same size then in 1832...

Contributed by:

Gaston Torres Vera,
Cordoba, Argentina (Figure 1) (Image copyright Argentina Palms)

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