Geonoma schottiana

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In habitat, Carambe" (1100m altitude)- state Paran", Brazil.




Common Names:

Aricanga (local name)


South to southeast Brazil.


Montane rainforest, between 400 and 1500m.


This is a small to medium sized single trunked or occasionally clumping, pinnate palm between 1 and 5m tall. It has 7-12 fronds,60-100cm long and 30-50cm wide, sickle shaped leaflets with 3 prominent "nervures" or ribs, and brown-red inflorescences with 0.8-1cm black fruits.


They grow in deep shade near little streams in an acid sandy soil. Their roots are always moist, sometimes in streaming water! They are cold hardy to -7&degC (19.4&degF) and they don"t tolerate transplanting well. All in all a very attractive addition for sub-tropical and temperate gardeners.

Figure 2. G. schottiana with a bend.
Figure 3. Taller specimen.
Figure 4. G. schottiana infructescence
Figure 5. G. schottiana

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Alberto Leonardo Barkema (Figure 1,2,3,4&5)

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