Geonoma baculifera

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Figure 1. G. baculifera in habitat.


Common Names:

Tasi palm (local name),
Ringed Geonoma Palm

Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Rainforest from northern South America thru to northern Brazil.


A small, clustering, monoecious, unarmed palm, with smooth, cane-like stems, up to 3m tall. These are smooth, ringed by prominent leafscars, 5-10cm apart. The leaves are pinnate, up 1m long, and the flowers are pink, in clusters of three; two male and one female. The inflorescence is green, later orange and the very small globose fruits are black at maturity.


The leaves are used by the locals for roofing on their huts.


Warm, sheltered, and moist. Likes high humidity.

Contributed by:

Gileno Machado (Figure 1)

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