Encephalartos turneri

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Figure 1. E. turneri female cones.


Distribution & Habitat:

It grows amongst granite rocks in full sun or semi-shade on low hills, between 600 to 1,200 metres asl, in the Nampula and Niassa provinces of Mozambique. They are found from Malema eastwards to the vicinity of Nampula and then southwards towards Angoche. Summer rainfall is between 800-1,000 mm per annum.


A medium sized clumping cycad to about 3m, with up to 4 erect or reclining trunks, leaves up to 2m long, with dark green, leathery leaflets. The leaflets become cupped as the plant ages.


Sunny, extremely well drained position. Not as vigorous as most of the other central African Encephalartos.

Figure 2. E. turneri female cones.

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Peter Heibloem, Cycad Gardens, (Figure 1&2)

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