Encephalartos trispinosus

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Figure 1. E. trispinosus leaf close-up.


Distribution & Habitat:

Open rocky areas, or light forest, near the Bushmans River, and Fish River of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.


A small (to 1m) clumping cycad with up to 6 stems. Blue green, pointy, erect leaves.


One of the famous group of "blue" cycads. Initially classed as a variant of E. horridus but eventually given its own rank. A highly variable plant.


A sunny position in very well drained soil. Frost tolerant.

Figure 2. E. trispinosus at Quail Gardens
Figure 3. A nice blue E. trispinosus with a male cone.
Figure 4. A nice blue E. trispinosus in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

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Mike Gray (Figure 4)

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