Dioon rzedowskii

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Figure 1. D. rzedowskii


Distribution & Habitat:

Found in exposed leaf litter filled clefts in limestone cliffs around Oaxaca, Mexico.


A medium to large cycad up to 5m tall, with light/bright green, leathery leaves.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Renowned for being the most acid tolerant Dioon, and hence the preferred plant for people with acid soil. (This does seem a bit odd, given its habitat, and I've also had no problems with D. spinulosum in my garden, which has a very acid soil.)

Figure 2. D. rzedowskii old leaf detail.
Figure 3. D. rzedowskii new leaf detail.

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Mike Gray (Figure 2)
Dave Weston (Figure 1&3)

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