Dioon merolae

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Figure 1. D. merolae in habitat.



D. dohenyi

Distribution & Habitat:

Open forests in the mountains of the Chiapas, Mexico.

Conservation Status:



A medium sized cycad with either an erect or reclining trunk, to about 3m tall, with stems up to 40cm in diameter. The leaves are dark green, semiglossy, up to 1m long, 200-240 leaflets and with the basal leaflets reducing to spines.


An uncommon cycad, not often cultivated.


Full sun to light shade, in sub-tropical or warm temperate regions.

Figure 2. D. merolae male cone in a private garden,La Habra, California.
Figure 3. D. merolae emerging female cone.
Figure 4. D. merolae in habitat.Bob is showing off the female cone.

Contributed by:

Bob and Marita Bobick (Figure 1&4)
Fred Zone 10A (Figure 2&3)

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