Cycas tropophylla

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Figure 1. C. tropophylla


Distribution & Habitat:

It is found on the island of Cat Ba and others in Haiphong Harbour, and on limestone bluffs on nearby mainland Vietnam. This species grows only on bare limestone faces on steep limestone bluffs, with virtually no soil around the roots.


A smaller growing species of Cycas, with a trunk to 1 metre (3 feet) long, and a head of up to 30 deep green to grey green keeled leaves, 0.7-1.2 metres (2.3-3.9 feet) long.


Closely related to C. sexseminifera and C. ferruginea, with which it shares the same habitat preference.


Likes a lightly shaded, well drained position, preferably in the tropics/sub-tropics. Given its attractiveness it will undoubtedly become a very popular plant.

Figure 2. C. tropophylla leaf detail.
Figure 3. C. tropophylla crown.

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