Cycas thouarsii

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Figure 1. C. thouarsii in habitat, Madagascar.


Distribution & Habitat:

Open coastal forests of Madagascar, the Comores, the Seychelles, and the east coast of Africa.


A large cycad to 10 m tall, with a 450 mm diameter trunk, which produces offsets along its length. Numerous (to 40) long (to 3 m) shiny green leaves. Very similar in appearance to C. rumphii.


Thought to be the most ancient of the Cycas (and hence the Cycads), at an estimated 140 million years of age.


Does best in a moist well drained spot, with light shade. A large and fast grower.

Figure 2. C. thouarsii in habitat, Madagascar.
Figure 3. C. thouarsii leaf detail.
File:Cycas ourasii1-01.jpg
Figure 4. C. thouarsii female plant, with several immature seeds.

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