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Figure 1. C. sp. Silver in habitat, Thailand





Only found on hill forests of mountain near the border of Burma in Kanjanaburi province of Thailand, where the night-time is cold temperatures and hot temperature at daytime.


It is abundant in the hill forests of western Thailand. This species occurs in medium size closed forest on deep, often clay-rich and more fertile soils, usually as part of the general shrub understorey in moderate to shade with sun at daytime. C. sp. Silver is a plant of medium to higher elevations and moist conditions. It most frequently occurs on clay soils and on clay soils over limestone.


Very attractive, medium size cycad to about 2.5m tall. It has lovely, silver to white leaflets. Seeds 2.6 - 3.7 cm. Width and 3.0 -3.7 cm. long.

Figure 2. C. sp. Silver


A very newly discovered species, so not much is known about it at the moment.


This sounds like a cold in winter season / and hot tolerant cycad, which It is most frequently occurs on clay soils and on clay soils over limestone.

Figure 3. C. sp. Silver showing the spectacular leaves.
Figure 4. C. sp. Silver

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