Cycas pectinata

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Figure 1. C. pectinata on Langkawi Island, Malaysia.


Conservation Status:

While its habitat is constantly being eroded, it is still locally abundant, so it's not regarded as threatened.

Distribution & Habitat:

A very widespread cycad, found in mountainous regions of north-eastern India, Nepal, Bhutan, northern Burma and Yunnan Province in southern China, and also going into northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It grows in high rainfall areas at medium to high elevations, in medium to tall closed forest on deep, fertile soils, (often over limestone) in moderate to deep shade.


An attractive, medium to large arborescent cycad to 12m tall, with dark green, semi-glossy leaves to 2.4m long.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Because it comes from such high elevations, it can grow in temperate conditions, thru to tropical climates.

Figure 2. The above C. pectinata in context.

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Natalie Cripps (Figure 1&2)

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