Cycas nongnoochiae

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Figure 1. A young plant of C. nongnoochiae.


Distribution & Habitat:

It grows in full sun in low scrub on steep limestone bluffs near Tak Fa, central Thailand. It is locally abundant, but with a very restricted distribution.


A solitary cycad with dark, deeply fissured bark on a slim trunk to about 5 metres tall. It's leaves are regularly arranged, grey-green or blue, semiglossy, with flat leaflets up to 1.6 metres long.


Only described in 1990, it is thought to have originated as a hybrid between C. siamensis and C. clivicola, but has now stabilised as a species.


Sunny, well drained position preferably in a limestone based potting mix or soil.

Figure 2. C. nongnoochiae in habitat.
Figure 3. C. nongnoochiae
Figure 4. C. nongnoochiae
Figure 5. C. nongnoochiae
Figure 6. C. nongnoochiae seeds.
Figure 7. C. nongnoochiae
Figure 8. C. nongnoochiae
Figure 9. C. nongnoochiae

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