Cycas megacarpa

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Figure 1. C. megacarpa


Conservation Status:

Locally abundant, but their habitat is threatened by development.

Distribution & Habitat:

Found in hilly areas from near Mount Morgan south to near Goomeri, central Queensland, usually in eucalypt or rainforests.


A medium sized, arborescent cycad to 6m tall, with a relatively narrow stem, 8-14 cm diam. at narrowest point. It has bright green, glossy leaves to 1.1m long which are moderately keeled (i.e. the opposing leaflets are inserted at 90-135" on the rachis). Their seeds, which are relatively large compared to other Australian Cycas, and give the plant its name, are a flattened-ovoid shape, up to 50mm long, and 45mm wide.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Frost and drought tolerant.

Figure 2. C. megacarpa in habitat, near Mt Morgan, central Queensland.
Figure 3. C. megacarpa
Figure 4. C. megacarpa

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