Cycas circinalis

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Figure 1. C. circinalis


Common Names:

Queen sago

Distribution & Habitat:

Widely spread throughout Asia, from India to the South Pacific Islands, usually along the seashore, however also found inland and occasionally in mountainous areas. Found in open grasslands, to dense forests.


A medium sized suckering cycad to about 5m, with bright green, glossy leaves.


This was one of the first cycads named, and is the type specimen for Cycas. It was described in 1658, from material collected on the Malabar coast, in south-west India. Its seeds float, which accounts for its very widespread distribution.


Prefers a warm, sunny position with plenty of water in summer, and a dryish winter.

Figure 2. C. circinalis

Cycas circinalis in the Philippines

Figure 3. C. circinalis in spectacular habitat.
Figure 4. C. circinalis male cone .
Figure 5. C. circinalis
Figure 6. C. circinalis

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