Cycas brunnea

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Figure 1. C. brunnea in habitat, Lawn Hill Gorge National Park.


Conservation Status:

Restricted but not threatened.

Distribution & Habitat:

This species is found in two main areas. The first is around the headwaters of Lawn Hill Creek and its tributaries in Queensland, where it grows on limestone or alluvium derived soils, in exposed situations along small, open creek valleys. The second is on Wollogorang Station in the Northern Territory. where it grows on sandy alluvium in sandstone gorges.


This is a medium to large arborescent cycad with a trunk between 2 and 5m tall and up to 30cm in diameter, with occasional offsets produced on the trunk and sparse suckers arising from the base. It has grey-green leaves between 1.2 and 1.7m long.


Sunny very well drained position. Prefers a seasonally dry tropical climate altho it will tolerate light frosts. Slow growing.

Contributed by:

Paul I. Forster (Figure 1 from Palms&Cycads No. 82)

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