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Germinating Seeds

My preferred method is to put them in a mixture of vermiculite/peat moss/perlite (3:2:1) mix, and then water to the point where if you squeeze it hard no water comes out. Put this into a large polystyrene vegetable box, and place the seeds approximately as deep as they are wide for palms, or just press them half way in for cycads i.e. half submerged in the mix.

With the lid on the boxes you can store them on top of each other. Try to keep them at about 25 degrees C, and regularly check on the moisture. You most likely will have to water at about two weeks to cater for absorption, and then regularly after that. Don't forget to soak the seeds prior to sowing; for most small, soft seeds l day should be enough.

Don't forget to label your seeds, especially if you have more than one species in the box. I sometimes cut up a plastic milk carton into shallow rings, place them in the mix, and sow the seeds inside. The area is usually large enough for a several small seeds.

The above method is suitable for the majority of seeds and this should give you a reasonable strike rate, 60% to 80% is considered normal. To expect 100% germination is unreasonable, although it sometimes happens.

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