Corypha utan

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Figure 1. C. utan in habitat, on the island of Negros, the Philippines.



Corypha elata

Common Names:

Gebang Palm


Open grasslands, and along rivers and wetlands, of south-central Asia (from India thru to the Philippines and northern Australia).


A massive (immense) fan palm to about 20m, with leaves from 4 to 6m across. One of the largest of all the palms.


Like all Corypha, these palms only flower at the end of their life, sending up a massive inflorescense, up to 5m high, and with up to 1 million flowers (see Figure 2).


Full sun, and lots of water. Tropical to warm temperate. Slow growing, and doesn't like being disturbed once planted. See Germinating Corypha seeds for some interesting info about growing the seeds.

Figure 2. C. utan inflorescence. Note the birds, red vented bulbos (?),probably eating the bees.
Figure 3. C. utan in habitat, Negros, the Philippines.
Figure 4. A young C. utan.

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