Coccothrinax ekmanii

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Figure 2. C. ekmanii trunk detail.


Common Names:

Gouane palm

Conservation Status:

[[www.iucnredlist.orgsearchdetails.php38481all" Threatened

Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to dry scrub forest on rocky limestone hills or near the sea in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


This is a medium sized solitary fan palm with heavily segmented, shiny bluish green leaves. The trunk is covered in thick, woody fibres which form a striking rhomboid criss-cross pattern.


Requires full sun, excellent drainage, and tropical temperatures. Drought and salt tolerant.

Figure 1. C. ekmanii
Figure 3. Young C. ekmanii growing in limestone.
Figure 4. C. ekmanii in habitat, Dominican Republic.

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Ryan Gallivan (Figure 1,2,3&4)

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