Clinostigma exorrhizum

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Figure 1. C. exorrhizum.


Distribution & Habitat:

Fijian endemic. This palm can be found from 400 to 1100 meters on Taveuni, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu in many locations and in small numbers in one location at 50 meters elevation also on Vanua Levu.


Growing up to 20 meters with a moderately-stout trunk that is held by large prop roots that are slightly spiny. The crown can hold 12 fronds of about 5 meters with fine drooping leaflets. Ripe fruits are red and only 3-5 mm with a single inflorescence producing many hundred seeds.


This palm should grow well in cultivation given filtered light when young and plenty of water (warm sub-tropics/tropics).

Figure 2. C. exorrhizum infructescence.
Figure 3. C. exorrhizum inflorescences and crownshaft.
Figure 4. C. exorrhizum trunk.
Figure 5. C. exorrhizum root tips.
Figure 6. C. exorrhizum in habitat.

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