Chuniophoenix nana

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Figure 1. C. nana



Chuniophoenix humilis

Distribution & Habitat:

Found in open forest in Southern China and Vietnam.


A very attractive, small, suckering fan palm to about 1.5m tall, with stems/canes of about 2cm diameter and costapalmate leaves of around 35 cm diameter. It has hermaphroditic or bi-sexual flowers borne on intra-foliar inflorescences (i.e. both male and female parts are present in the same flower and only one plant is needed for reproduction) and hence self-fertilisation can take place. It has clusters of orange-red fruits.


C. nana is an easy to grow cold hardy palm that prefers a high pH soil, and light shade, (but can tolerate low light). Likes it moist. Slow growing. Makes a very good pot plant.

Figure 2. C. nana at Kew Gardens
Figure 3. C. nana stem and inflorescence.
Figure 4. C. nana inflorescence
Figure 5. C. nana with immature fruit.

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