Chuniophoenix hainanensis

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Figure 1. C. hainanensis leaf.


Common Names:

Hainan Fan palm

Conservation Status:

[[www.iucnredlist.orgsearchdetails.php?species=46597" Endangered

Distribution & Habitat:

Sub-tropical rainforest on Hainan Island, Southern China.


A very attractive, medium sized, vigourously clumping palmate palm with stems up to 4m tall and 15cm in diameter, and with large, deeply cut leaves up to 120cm across. It produces large clumps of bright red fruit about 15mm across.


It likes a sheltered and moist position in a warm temperate thru to tropical area. A very good pot plant which is popular with palm collectors, but can be quite hard to find.

Contributed by:

Luke Nancarrow (Figure 1)

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