Chamaedorea microspadix

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Figure 1. C. microspadix in fruit.




Common Names:

Bamboo Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Open forest in eastern Mexico.


A small clumping palm, to about 3m in height, with dull green leaves. There is also variety with very attractive silver undersides to the leaves. Once the clump has established, the stems may, at a distance, resemble a medium-sized bamboo - hence its common name.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Very easy to grow. Frost tolerant. Its fairly small dimensions make it a good plant for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Figure 2. C. microspadix at the Sydney Botanic Gardens.
Figure 3. C. microspadix in fruit.

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Ian Edwards (Figure 1)
Mike Gray (Figure 2&3)

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