Chamaedorea elatior

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Figure 1. C. elatior



Chamaedorea desmoncoides

Common Names:

Climbing Chamaedorea

Distribution & Habitat:

It is native to moist or wet, dense forest mostly on the Atlantic slope but occasionally on the Pacific slope in in southern Mexico and Guatemala between 100 and 1500 m (300 and 4900 ft.) elevation.


A rare climbing species, and one of the few (if not the only) without spines; to about 20m long, with slender, cane-like, occasionally branching stems. The upper leaves are reflexed and hooked enabling it to cling to taller vegetation and grow to great lengths.


Warm, sheltered and moist.

Figure 2. C. elatior at Naples Botanic Garden.
Figure 3. C. elatior on its way to the top.
Figure 4. C. elatior infructescence
Figure 5. C. elatior simple leaf form


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