Chamaedorea deckeriana

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Figure 1. An attractive group of C. deckeriana.



Dasystachys deckeriana

Distribution & Habitat:

Wet rainforest areas of Costa Rica.


An understory solitary palm, to 2m high, with large coarsely grained, simple leaves which have an almost corrugated appearance. The female produces a single inforescence per node, which looks very similar to a small corn cob, while the male plant produces multiple inflorescences per node.


A very attractive plant, which unfortunately is still uncommon in cultivation.


A sheltered, and moist but well drained position. Will grow in tropical thru to warm temperate regions.

Figure 2. Female C. deckeriana inflorescence.
Figure 3. Multiple male C. deckeriana inflorescences.

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Ian Edwards (Figure 1,2&3)


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