Chamaedorea arenbergiana

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Figure 1. C. arenbergiana.


Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to mid-altitude wet forest regions of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras; 100-1,500 m elevation.


A small to medium sized solitary Chamaedorea, with a dark green, ringed trunk to about 4 m (12 ft) tall, which has leaflets up to 15 cm (6 in) across, and an infructescence that looks like a green/black corn-on-the-cob. Similar in appearance to a small C. tepejilote, altho this species has much wider leaflets.


It requires near full shade when young, heavily filtered light when mature, and a consistently moist soil, well drained position. It has no wind tolerance. It is often multi-planted in containers.

Figure 2. C. arenbergiana
Figure 3. C. arenbergiana juvenile trunk detail.
Figure 4. C. arenbergiana
Figure 5. C. arenbergiana inflorescence.
Figure 6. C. arenbergiana infructescence.
Figure 7. C. arenbergiana fruit.

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