Ceratozamia sp. El Mirador

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Figure 1. C. sp. El Mirador at Los Angeles Arboretum.


Distribution & Habitat:

Ceratozamia sp. El Mirador is not a valid species but a locality in the state of Veracruz. This locality is named for a small station/township that has been known and collected for years. Probably every herbarium with even a modest collection of cycad vouchers will sport an "El Mirador". It also happens to have been home for a while to Maxamilian and Purpus of Dioon fame.


It is a long, wide leaf Ceratozamia that is currently best attributed to C. mexicana. The petioles are characteristically armed with rather few, greatly reduced spines; the cones are huge; the leaflets long, attenuated, slightly broader than other mexicanans and the rachis arches; color is bright med green.


As for C. mexicana.

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