Ceratozamia mirandae

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Figure 1. C. mirandae


Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to Pacific and inland slopes throughout Chiapis, Mexico, where it grows in shallow soils on steep slopes.


It is a medium to large cycad with erect or prostrate trunks up to one meter long which are topped with an ascending to spreading crown of up to 23 long, pinnate leaves, which have very fine leaflets that are somewhat keeled on a relatively flat plane.


This plant is being grown on a commercial scale by the local farmers in Chiapis in an effort to give them a cash crop, and stop illegal collecting. The seed is collected from wild plants, but they must re-introduce 5-10% of their production back into the habitat to counter the seed collecting.


Likes a sunny, well drained position.

Figure 2. C. mirandae leaf detail.

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