Ceratozamia mexicana

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Figure 1. C. mexicana (probably) at Los Angeles Arboretum.



Numerous (see the Cycad Pages below).

Common Names:

Mexican Horncone

Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to a wide variety of forested habitats from wet tropical lowland rainforests thru to drier mountainous areas of north-central Veracruz in Mexico.


A very attractive, medium-sized cycad with a trunk up to 0.5 m tall and up to a dozen dark green leaves in a graceful crown, each between 1-1.5m long, and with a spined petiole between 20 and 50 cm long. The new leaves can vary from bronze thru to light green and can be hairy.


A ightly shaded position, and moist, well drained soil. Quite slow growing.

Figure 2. C. mexicana with a spectacular display of new leaves.

Contributed by:

Doug Eckel (Figure 1)
Paul Kennedy (Figure 2)


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