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B. serrulata in habitat, Byfield State Forest. (Photo: Scott MacLean)

Named for G.F. Bowen, first governor of Queensland.

The genus Bowenia, includes two living and two fossil species of cycads in the family Zamiaceae, sometimes placed on their own family Boweniaceae. They are entirely restricted to Australia. The two living species occur in Queensland, where they grow in the warm, wet, tropical rainforests, on protected slopes and near streams, primarily in the lowlands. They more closely resemble ferns than cycads, and also prefer and more shaded, moist environment thando most cycads.

The fossil species Bowenia eocenica is known from deposits in a coal mine in Victoria, Australia, and B. papillosa is known from deposits in New South Wales. Both fossils are of Eocene age, and consist of leaflet fragments.

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