Caryota zebrina

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Figure 1. C. zebrina leaf detail.



Caryota sp. Nova "Mitibe"

Common Names:

Zebra Fishtail Palm,
Palem Tokek (Gecko Palm),
Palem Belang (Striped palm)

Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Understory palm from the Torricelli Mountains, West Sepik Provence, Papua New Guinea.


Its most notable feature is the distinctive stripping on the petiole. The thick, leathery, blackish/green leaflets are at differing angles, and in irregular clusters along the frond, giving the leaf a generally disorganised appearance. Also unusual in that it only ever carries a maximum of three leaves.


See also C. ophiopellis, another "stripped" Caryota.


Sheltered, shady position in moist, but well drained soil. Although it comes from Papua New Guinea, it is found quite high in the mountains, so it is probably quite cold tolerant. It is however, a very slow grower.

Figure 2. C. zebrina petiole on a young plant.
Figure 3. C. zebrina petiole on an older plant.

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