Caryota maxima

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Figure 1. C. maxima in habitat, Sumatra.



C. aequatorialis,
C. obtusa var aequatorialis,
C. rumphiana var javanica

Common Names:

Giant Mountain Fishtail Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Mountain forests of Java, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia and S. Thailand.


As its name suggests, this is a very big palm, solitary, up to 30m tall, with a very long crownshaft. The leaves can get to 3m long, and 2m wide, and are dull green, with drooping leaflets.


Relatively short lived for a plant of this size; it dies after flowering. This can cause problems if trying to remove it from an established garden.


Full sun, moist, well drained position. Think twice before putting it into an average sized garden (it does get BIG).

Figure 2. C. maxima, and Salacca sp., Bukittingii, Sumatra.


Palms Throughout The World, David Jones.

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