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===Key To The Species Of Caryota ===Petals purple to maroon; stamens 6-75 (90?); pericarp dark purple to black at maturity; mesocarp fleshy to juicy; pollen exine processes clavate. Understory shrubs; stems solitary or usually clustered, 2-10 m tall, 1-20 cm dbh; petioles to 2m long at maturity; pinnules chartaceous, rachillae 1-60; lowland forests of Sulawesi and the Sunda Shelf. Stems 2-10 m tall, 5-20 cm dbh; rachillae 10-60; staminate petals ca 3-5 mm wide; stamens 12-24; seeds 1 (very rarely 2) per fruit; fruit 2 cm diameter; lowland moist to everwet forests; NE India?, Burma, Thailand, S China, Indochina, Malaysia, Greater Sunda Islands, Sulawesi, Palawan.D C. mitis

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